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Our Success Web Story

For us, internet experience is unending when talking about the Internet, so web design Projects that don’t take this into perspective will not play a good role in growth of both small and large businesses. Oracom Web Solutions LTD has not only survived, but developed and thrived successfully since 2010, by fully aligning itself with the evolving needs of it’s customers.

Oracom Web Solutions LTD is considered by many of its clients-base as one of the most innovative Website Design Company with a growing and dynamic team of diversely-talented developers, programmers and marketing people. In the pursuit of excellence, Oracom Kenya Web Solutions ensures that each member of the team becomes a specialist in a particular field, whether it be Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), marketing, site usability and accessibility, design standards compliance and more.

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[accordion_item title=’2010 Achievements and Timelines’]

2010-      Oracom Computers starts as a Printing and Photocopying cybercafé in Luthuli st. Nairobi
2010 -     Oracom Web Solutions Ltd is born


[accordion_item title=’2011 Achievements and Timelines‘]

2011 -     Oracom Canada – mentorship programs


[accordion_item title=’2012 Achievements and Timelines‘]

2012 -     ORAMOBILE is born – Our Mobile Messaging wings


[accordion_item title=’2013 Achievements and Timelines‘]

2013 -     Oracom product myAspirantmyLeader voted best Polical Aspirants website


[accordion_item title=’2014 Achievements and Timelines‘]

2014 -     The Launch of acDirectory – World Cultures – Kenya & Belgium
2014 -     The Kenya Diaspora Convention and Conference – Partneship with KDA & DICL


[accordion_item title=’2015 Achievements and Timelines‘]

2015 -     The birth of ORAMEDIA – Photography and Video
2015 -     Voted #10 IT Company – Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES 2015) – featured in the Media (Daily Nation, KTN, Ebru Africa, TVC)
2015 -     Pomp and Colour 5 year Anniversary Celebrations
2015 -     Partnership with keNIC – approved registrars


[accordion_item title=’2016 Achievements and Timelines‘]

2016 -     KENYA ONLINE is born
2016 -     24-hour operations starts - to serve both local and international clients
2016 -     oraDMT is born to empower clients – Digital Marketing Training
2016-      Oracom Selected in the CIO100 Symposium and Awards 2016


[accordion_item title=’2016 Dreams‘]

This story is being writen in our minds – wait and see what we achieve next.



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