Online Business Directory Services

An Online business directory is a good way of marketing your business in this edge where internet marketing plays a vital part in promotion, as they offer related results with very short endeavor, especially because as online directories, you can enter your search point and see all the results stated whether in you your local area of Globally.

We have just Partnered with the Worlds Largest Modern Online Business Directory acpDirectory Kenya to bring you the Modern Marketing Solutions that you and your business will definitely need to reach their clients.

acpDirectory Kenya

In Kenya, an example of a great modern online business directory is acpDirectory Kenya. It is by far the most popular online business directory in Kenya. A simple visit to the directory’s website, tells some of the reasons for this popularity. It boasts of functionalities that are only unique to it in the whole country. It tags along the following features:

1. Google Map

It displays the exact LOCATION where your premises are in the different parts of Kenya on a MAP.

2. Products/Service Description

It accords to you the platform to give an elaborate/comprehensive DESCRIPTION of your products & services without SPACE limitation.

3. Photo Slide

19 PHOTOS OF YOUR PRODUCTS are displayed on a slide on the directory. This offers your clients a clear view (thus a better understanding) of the products & services that you offer.

4. Click to Call Feature

click to call

The directory has an in-built mobile phone application that enables your customers & potential/prospective clients to CALL YOU FOR FREE from the website.

5. Sms

From the directory you can SEND URLS of your listing via SMS to your potential/prospective clients for free.

6. Social Media Applications

A listing on the directory has FACEBOOK, TWITTER & other applications – this enables your potential & current customers to interact with you from the directory as well as giving them a chance to LIKE & COMMENT ON YOUR PAGE.

7. Live Chat


The directory offers LIVE CHAT Support for all your clients & potential clients who make enquiries about your goods & services that you offer.

This is more of a virtual receptionist for your business than just a directory. Make an informed choice now!