Website auditing is giving online web presence assessment as well as analysing Security Holes that may make the website prone to hackers. Our Website Audits provide unbiased Search Engine Optimization consultancy to inform clients before or while working with an SEO company on optimizing a website. It also checks security and performance of a website.

Website Auditing

    1. Broken Links – If your have links to other pages or other websites that are no longer relevant Google is not happy with this.
    2. Meta Data and Descriptions – If meta data are not where they should be, Search engines will not find you as you have not told them what your website is about. Also alt tags on any images as Google has a huge file on images that can be relevant to subject matter contained in your site.
    3. Sitemaps and robot happy – Mostly the search engines crawl sites repeatedly and look for changes that they can apply to their databases to help when people search for a particular item, sometimes they have been overlooked.
    4. Keyword relevance- Is very important as is page titles, if the search engines find that the title and keywords are not relevant to the subject of that site you will be penalised.
    5. General look of a site – The website should be easy to navigate and should have all the main pages generally required by most people searching for Information
    6. Google maps- Google maps defines a persons search dramatically
    7. Site Performance – How many clicks do your website get?. Also take note of the age of the site.

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