The Firm was founded upon the principle that no litigation challenge is too tough for a team of talented, hard-working, committed lawyers. The firm has since established itself as one of the most respected law firms, not only in Nakuru where it is based, but also in Kenya.

The firm boasts of a wide range of local, regional and international practice base. From its initial concentration and expertise in litigation, the Firm has aggressively expanded and diversified in its areas of practice in the last ten years, and successfully positioned itself as a top-notch law firm in litigation, research, legislative drafting, policy development and review, and consultancy.

This includes novel areas of law such as gender and climate change, devolution and oil and gas law. To cope with this rapid expansion, the Firm has intensified recruitment of lawyers and has, as a result, attracted top associates and the top graduates of the most prestigious law schools in the country.

Client: Odhiambo Odhiambo Advocacy

Category: Corporate

Date: October 2017