“A picture is worth a thousand words” an expression made in a newspaper advertisement by the San Antonio light in 1918 and still as relevant and important as it was decades ago.
Photography is an art that has been practiced for decades and the men and women involved in the practice have been working extra to bring out professional pictures over the years. Photography is used to capture moments that will forever remain in our memories.

Every time a photographer clicks the button the aim is to bring out life and tell stories in the captured image. Photography simply tells us what is important to us, the place we choose to take a photo and the mood is very essential to paint a moment in our lives and forever store it.

You can be able to share experiences with people you care for about different places that you have visited and the experiences you have had. The pictures simply speak for themselves.
Photography brings out a complex language where one can portray joy and sorrow, a person looking at a photograph is able to imagine what was happening in the certain picture.
Most important is that photography moves us. Pictures can bring out emotions and feelings and one is able to connect with the happenings whether happy or sad.
Fast forward to the 21st century, today photography is practiced by a large number of people it is a career and for others a hobby

Written By:John Wachira ,Writer Oramedia